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Jason’s Top 5 Gym Etiquette and/or No-no’s

Ok, so obviously there are many things that happen at the gym that we see and think about. For those who are not aware (or just happen to enjoy this kind of stuff), I present to you today’s Top 5 Gym Etiquette and/or No-no’s: (actual things I have seen or continue to see at the gym that I find humorous or disturbing)

  1. Walking into the gym, standing around talking to about 4 or 5 people, then talking on your cell phone for about 10 mins, picking up a pair of 10 pound weights, doing about 12 reps, walking over and looking at yourself in the mirror, going to talk to another person or two, then leaving, does not constitute as a workout every morning.
  2. If you are continuously, discreetly stopping and looking at yourself in the mirror and flexing every 2 minutes, its ok…you don’t have to “try” and be discreet…we all see you doing it.  You can stop looking around to see if anyone saw you after you did it the first 10 times.
  3. GUYS DO NOT WEAR SHORT SHORTS WHILE WORKING OUT! There is no reasonable explanation for you to do this that would benefit you or anybody else in the gym. 
  4. Getting into a grunting match with the guy (or lady) all the way across the gym that is lifting more weight than you is not fun or enjoyable for any one there, it is flat out annoying. Stop it!
  5. It is understandable that you are proud of your body and maybe you have lost a ton of weight or bulked up or whatever, but the rest of us in the locker room DO NOT need for you to walk around naked for 10 - 15 minutes greeting and talking to everyone that comes in to change clothes.

That is all for today. There will be more next week. Stay tuned!

How much could a Gazaway bench if a Gazaway could bench Gazaway?

1.75 Alex Morrisons.

iHurt: Plank on…err…Press on

So this week has started off a little rough as well.  I did a leg workout and we will just say some stupid stuff over the weekend and ended up hurting my left knee. 

Lesson learned: Never do a leg workout and plan on doing stupid stuff on the same day.

Anyway, so I took a day of rest yesterday and then hit it hard with some core exercises this morning.  I have become a big fan of core exercises.  I feel better throughout the day and they seem to help me have more endurance on the days that I do just weights or just cardio.

My favorite one at the moment, that seems to hurt like hell (so you know it is good) is what is called Plank-to-Pushup.  My buddy, and part-time torture expert at the gym, Jerry Kelso, showed me this one.  I watched him do it, and thought, “Heck yeah, I can do that, no problem.”  I started out strong and then come to realize why it was an “exercise”.  Dear Lord, it is tough to fight through. But the results and muscles it works are good.

Here is a video of it. PLANK-to-PUSHUP

I have been starting with the arm and doing a set of 40, then rest, then do a set of 40 starting with the left arm.  I have tried some variations of this with rotating starting arms in the middle of sets, as well. When you start, you will start strong, but don’t get discouraged when you hit a wall.  It is ok to stop and rest if you need to, but the big thing is to press through the 40 on each arm.

So there you have it, my new favorite exercise.  The cool thing is you can do this anywhere - home, gym, work, etc.

Let me know what you think.

Rough week, but pressing on

Well, between being sick, stressed and just flat out lazy at times, this week has not been a good one for me exercise-wise. I can usually make myself crawl out of bed to go for a run no matter what, but this week it seems all I could do was rollover and hit the snooze button. (Told you I was normal.) I think I got in 2 “quality” workouts/runs this week.

So, thanks to laziness, next week (actually starting tomorrow) is going to be rough. I have miles to make up and it is not going to be pretty.  We will see how that goes for me.  I will keep you updated.

I am curious from other fitness, running, working out junkies, how do you press through those mornings/times that every bone in your body says, “No”, but you know you need to?  What is your motivation?

Got my number for race #2 of 5 over the next 3 weeks. I am running this race with my company CablesAndKits.com. This should be a great race down in Atlanta.

Got my number for race #2 of 5 over the next 3 weeks. I am running this race with my company CablesAndKits.com. This should be a great race down in Atlanta.

A great place to find some workout music

They have some really good mixes.  They are even sorted by speed.

And so it begins…

Ok, so here’s the deal.  I am just an absolute normal guy, nothing extraordinary. I am your typical 35 year old male, in decent shape, like sports, and I like working out/running.

So, I was on the treadmill this morning and thought, “Hey, I should start blogging about my experience over the next year with exercise.”  The cool thing is - I already like working out, running and finding new ways to get into shape, so I figure it was a win win.  And hopefully through it all I help someone else out.

Let’s face it, we have to take care of our bodies.  We only get one shot at it being a good steward of the body God has given us. How are you going to handle it?  This is something I have thought about over and over.  Now I will be the first to say, I hate eating right and and health food, but that is part of the process for me and something for me to work on (See, I told you I was a normal everyday guy. - I don’t have my crap together yet.) But, the exercise part…I can do that.

So, pretty much this is just a short intro to me and my thought process behind doing this.  I want it to be fun, otherwise I will get bored and stop positing and YOU will stop reading - that is a lose, lose for everyone. Again, I am not an expert.  I am a normal guy who thought it would be fun to let everyone (hopefully someone out there will read this) have some insight on my personal fitness journey.

Some of the things I will be posting will be personal - struggles with my routine, things that help me, things I don’t like, things I am working through in exercise and overall fitness. I will be posting my race results (well, someone has to hold me accountable).  I will post some links to other blogs or articles I use, some music I have found that gets me going, maybe some cardio routines I have found that help, or strengthening exercises. Who knows. It probably just really depending on how the day is going as to what you will find on here.  But, I promise to make it as fun and interesting as possible.

So, here we go…